Web Design and Development Services

Global Bpo offers Custom website design and development services. We make sure that we understand nature of your business and design your website in such a manner that it attracts customers and leave a long lasting impression on their minds.

Our teams of professional website developers at Global BPO Services take a proactive approach when developing websites. This allows them to apply their craft to the development in ways that ensure a custom, unique and perfectly tailored website that complements the client’s business to be created.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Global BPO Services with over a decade of experience is capable of designing custom CMS software that is especially tailored according to the needs of your website and business goals. CMS Solutions used by Global BPO Services include but are not limited to:
  • Sitecore
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Demandware
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Progress Sitefinity
  • Webmodulite
  • Joomla

What is CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a type of computer software that supports the creation of digital content that can also be modified as required. These are extremely useful as these are implemented to support multiple users working in a collaborative environment.

This software can be used to create structures of how content such as images, articles, videos and others will be presented. This typo of software also includes the tools that can be used to populate onsite content of websites. One of the main benefits of CMS is that it allows you to update your websites specifically according to your own requirements.

Regarding the exact needs of your company, our professional software engineers can help guide you to determine the best CMS that you should use for your website. All CMS software are designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of your team’s needs and abilities.

  • Ecommerce Website DesignThe process of selling and purchasing services or products online over the internet is knows as ecommerce.  Ecommerce has become a major force in the world of business around the world as it has many significant benefits that it brings for both customers and companies alike. These include lower costs and lower times. With over a decade of experience in dealing with ecommerce websites, Global BPO Services provides professionally tailored designs to our clients that help them provide their customers with an enhanced experience leading to increased Return on Investment (ROI).Features of an Ecommerce WebsiteAn ecommerce website is one where business can purchase and sell their products to customers over the internet. There are some inherent features that are only dedicated to ecommerce websites in order to increase their relevance. Some of the features of an ecommerce website are:Suggested PagesOne of the major advantages of an ecommerce website is its flexibility and it is essential that such a website has built in functionality for the users to search for products that they are interested in. the search bar needs to be able to suggest results that will contribute towards more sales by directing customers to the relevant pages of their interest.Promotions on products along with the overall and holiday seasons also need to be significantly considered for these are the times customers are more likely to make a purchase. This is why it is important to have your website optimized expertly as done by Global BPO Services in order to direct and divert customers to the pages that hold the most interest for them.

    Related Products

    By displaying products that are relevant and similar to the products that customers are viewing at a specific page, the company’s bottom-line can be significantly increased. This also holds true for products that compliment others as they are more likely to compel customers to make multiple purchases. This only holds true however if relevant suggested products are displayed along with the products that the users are interested in. this practice allows users not only to spend more time on your website but also increases the chance of them potentially spending more on multiple products. Displaying products that fall in line with the user’s interests generates far more revenue than simply displaying randomized products over an incoherent page.

    This overall practice is further complemented by integrating it with social media share features. This allows your products to gain more awareness through people who are keen to showing them to their family and friends and sharing with other which results in your products getting a wider audience. Though the fact remains that social media sharing can be done manually by users, having the ability to instantly share content on their social media profiles is more likely to compel them do so thus increasing your brand awareness in the process.

    Product Filtering

    Filtration of content is one of most important aspects of any website that has to deal with content of multiple types that is targeted to all kinds of audience. A critical boost to user experience and satisfaction can be acquired by giving visitors to your website the functionality to filter through your content based on prices, popularity and categories in order to enhance their ecommerce experience. Other features that should be implemented include the functionality of ‘View All’ which displays all the products of a particular search at the same time for many people find it arduous to click through multiple pages of content to find products of their interest.  In order to help enhance user experience and assist customer in making their decision, it is essential to add ‘Quick View’ functionality to your pages which allows users to have an instant glance at the product and its features without having to click and open it. This allows them to find what they are looking for more easily which increase the chances of a purchase.

    Product Details

    The clearer the product descriptions the easier it is for customers to make their decisions. When making a purchase there are a lot of things that are considered including the functionality, use and price of product. This scenario is same when it comes to ecommerce websites which is why it is essential that detailed coherent and concise product information be provided in an understandable manner to the customers so that they know exactly what they are purchasing. Products that do not come with sufficient details regarding their aspects are more likely to be ignored by customerssimply due to their uncertainty.

    Things run out of stock eventually until the supply is replenished, which is why it is important to have a platform where customers can voice their demands and concerns regarding details, complaints and order placement about the products that they need. Providing a platform where the customers can directly engage with you is a good way to increase customer satisfaction and decrease in customers breaking off to competitors.

    Dynamic Shopping Cart

    Dynamic Shopping carts are a great feature that are not only useful but also provide a refreshing aesthetical charm to your overall page. Shopping cart functionality is based on the real world concept of filling a cart with items and products, thus it is important to implement a dynamic functionality for this feature. This includes indicators that show the cart displaying the items that have been added to it either in a smaller window on the page or any of your preferred designs. Having a visual representation of this function allows customers to be certain their items have been added to the cart. Often times it happens that customer fill their carts with items without actually making a purchase, for this scenario instead of forcing a ‘Delete’ or ‘Purchase’ option on them, instead have a ‘Save for Later’ feature implemented which in the long run can lead to increased sales.

    Shipping Options

    If an ecommerce website wants to be successful, it is best that single flat shipping rates for products be completely avoided. There are different kinds of customers with different kinds of requirements and habits. Some customers want their purchases to arrive at their doorsteps immediately while there are those that are content to spend less on shipping charges through slower delivery models. It is best to allow customers to calculate their shipping costs from the shopping carts features beforehand because the checkout process often requires significant time and effort.

    Payment Confirmation

    Perhaps the most stressful yet important moment of the entire online purchase is when payment submissions are to be made. Customer stress can be significantly decreased and their satisfaction significantly increased simply by displaying a purchase confirmation message after they have submitted payment. Customer loyalty can be further enhanced by sending an email to their registered emails confirming their purchase and integrating within tracking information once their order as shipped.

    What makes an Ecommerce Website Successful?

    Global BPO Services for years has been at the leading front of providing innovative and professional ecommerce designs to their clients. Aspects that contribute to the success of an ecommerce website are:

    Clear Goals on Every Page

    Every page in a website needs to have a targeted, clear and coherent purpose. A homepage of a website needs to be compelling enough for customers to click through it and be diverted to your other categories. The page needs to have a clear message and be able to easily convey that message to your customers in order to inform them of what your business is about. In the case of selling products, it is essential that most pages of the website be designed in such a way as to subliminally entice your customers towards the product pages. Further doubts about those products that the customers might have can be remedied through providing detailed information regarding them.

    It is essential also that your shopping cart page should be designed to provide checkout processes in the simplest and easy to understand terms along with being implemented with a purchase confirmation and email function to help with user satisfaction.

    Contact Information

    The best way to relieve customers of their doubts and worries regarding your products and services whether they wish to make a purchase or simply want more information, is to provide them with a platform that makes it not only easy but welcoming to contact you directly. If a company does not clearly display their contact information on the website, it can lead to customer suspicion and disloyalty and having users scour the website to locate the means to get in touch with you is a sure way to lose them. One of the best practices along with listing your company’s address and contact information is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section where the most common questions which, through research and analysis such as the one done by Global BPO Services, are decided and answered in advance.

    Other aspects that can directly lead to increase in your brand recognition can be product reviews, user comments for other users to read and most importantly user testimonials that highlights satisfied customers that have used your services and products. User testimonials directly help other users make informed decisions and builds trust.

    Brand Loyalty

    There are many ecommerce websites in the world operating today and users who wish to make purchases often visit a number of them before settling on one where the product of their interest is found. The more the user visits a website, the more that user is likely to make a purchase. Which is why it is essential that opportunities to bring back customers be never passed up and one of the best ways to rekindle user interest in your website is through timely and targeted emails that detail new arrivals and seasonal sales. In case a product is out of stock, users can be asked to provide their email details which can be used to send reminders and notifications to them. This is a good way to show that you care more about the needs of the customer beyond only selling them something.

    Easy Checkout Process

    If the checkout processes that you have implemented following a purchase on your website are cluttered and complicated, it is fact that not only is your business likely to lose a sale but significant decrease in customers satisfaction and increase in customer suspicion can occur that can have devastating results both in the long and short business terms. This is why it is of the pivotal importance that your checkout process be easy to follow and complete. One of the best practices regarding ecommerce websites include providing customers with clear costs regarding all the facets of making an online purchase including the initial price of the product, the shipping rates etc.

    There are a number of world trusted sources over the internet that has high credentials when it comes to verification of processes. It is best to provide verification proofs from reliable sources regarding the security of your checkout processes for this will help alleviate any potential concerns customers might have and lead to greater satisfaction.

    Perfection is Necessary

    Ecommerce websites are not like your typical web pages because they are involved in active transition of real money and goods among businesses and customers. It is essential that for a website to be trusted and successful it needs to function at optimal efficiency round the clock.

    The first step is to make sure that a robust and reliable hosting plan is set in place that can not only accommodate the current demands of the website but also handle any future and unseen ones. It is essential that when your website grows, your hosting plans also grow. Being cheap with a hosting plan especially when there are a lot of incoming and outgoing orders to keep up with and maintain can lead to significant downturns that translate into serious decreased sales and revenue lost.

    Designing and Ecommerce Website

    Global BPO Services with its teams of industry leading website developers is capable of creating a state of the art ecommerce website that is tailored especially according to the needs of our client. Whether it be designing a unique and professional layout or coding of complex infrastructures, we are able to handle any requirements.

    User Friendly

    The less the clutter, the friendlier the design is what Global BPO Services believes in. It is essential that clear breadcrumb directions be given to users who visit your website in order to ensure they find exactly what they are looking for because this will contribute to their overall user experience. In many cases, ‘hand holding’ for a people is not a preferable thing as it disallows them to make their own choices, website design is not one of them. Dropdown menus are incredibly handy and useful in this regard as they provide clear navigational indications for easy access to the website’s pages. In the case of ecommerce websites, an additional good practice is to constantly have an indication of the shopping cart so that users can always be aware of what exactly what they have in their cart and the total cost.

    It is best not to bombard users with too much information on pages as that can easily overwhelm and confuse them. Keep it simple and short through brief but accurate descriptions, user testimonials, reviews, comments and images.

    Brand Recognition

    Consistent brand designs and goals are essential to avoid confusion with other companies that can result in the loss of customers to the competitors. It is also important to keep consistent layouts and design guidelines for your website with only few significant changes in colors and layouts where they are absolutely necessary such as when distinguishing between multiple similar buttons. Websites with inconsistent not only look unprofessional but can also be ignored by customers simply due to their uncertainty and confusion.

    If you have little to no idea what your design should look like, there are two ways to remedy that.

    1. Get in touch with Global BPO Services who for the last 11 years have been providing state of the art and industry standard website ecommerce designs for its clients. We are well aware of all the intricacies that are required to make a design professional that leads to a successful website.
    2. Look at the designs of popular ecommerce websites operating in the world today to get a general idea. This is a good practice because they websites every couple of years go through extensive design changes that are specifically tailored to the research they have done on user experience and what the customer wants. Though some elements of their design can be borrowed, it is still ethical and professional to have an overall unique style for your website, in which Global BPO Services can be of great and cost effective assistance to you.

    Solid Call to Action

    Every page that has a specific key action integrated within in itself needs to have a strong call to action which directs the user to take the next step in fulfilling that specific purpose on the page. A call to action is basically an indication for a customer to further their decision. These can be anything that prompts the customer to take the next step and in ecommerce websites they can be to name only a few:

    • Add to Cart
    • Checkout
    • Submit Payment

    It is fundamentally important not to have more than one call to action on a single page. These calls to actions can be incorporated with other options in order not to force a customer to make a decision, however those options need to be tailored expertly in order to ensure they do not deviate from the main goal of the page which in most cases is to make a purchase. Examples of secondary call of actions are the downloadable demos that software developers provide their potential customers in order to help them make an informed decision.

    Strong Ecommerce Website Back-End

    Every website in the world today has a dedicated team at the back end that helps keep that website relevant. Global BPO Services provides reliable back end support for websites and has been doing so for over a decade now.

    Data Control

    Controlling of Metadata is crucial to get good rankings for a website through the use of keywords in a search engine. Websites need to be able to customize title tags for every page and to create rules for different types of pages which help in handling title tag creation.

    SITEMAP.xml files are the ones that communicate with search engines and inform them of your website’s pages. This does not require however that every product’s, that is available at your website page, title be written because by creating rules for each of those products will assist you in optimizing large number of product pages at once.

    Onsite Code Addition and Edits

    Ecommerce websites are those that are designed to be able to add and accommodate new data at a constant basis, which is why it is important that these websites have the ability to easily add important codes for new pages. This can include any and all types of JavaScript codes that are essential to your web pages and important aspects such as Google Analytics Tracking Code and Website Optimization Software Code. Having implemented these from the start help compress timelines for they decrease the requirement of a developer every time some work is required. This is incredibly helpful when exiting code needs slight edits to provide the optimal functionality your business requires.

    Website Management

    Being the owner of a website it is important to have a platform where you can view all the information available regarding the performance of your website. It is a good practice to have your website’s dashboard be equipped with the functionality to show summary information regarding stock items, information requests, sales figures, and ecommerce performance metrics. Though all the information provided regarding your sales, and customer interactions you can make necessary and regular updates to your site data which also provides you with the knowledge on what to feature on your homepage and tailor navigational menus according to the interest and purchasing patterns of customers.

  • Responsive Website DesignA responsive design is meant to adapt to every kind of devices which leads to higher user satisfaction rates. Global BPO Services helps you create designs that are adaptable across all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet ones.What is Responsive Website Design?The main purpose of a responsive design is its adaptability to any screen size and device that is used to access your website. The professional designed responsive websites such as those provided by Global BPO Servicesare capable of automatically resizing all onsite content including images and overall functionality to accommodate the device it is displaying on such as a mobile, tablet or desktop.Importance of Responsive DesignIn today’s world customers and users alike access your website from all kinds of platforms and in all kinds of scenarios. Whether they are accessing your content from an office desktop computer or on the go on their mobile devices, responsive designs ensures that your website is optimized for all kinds of devices. By automatically resizing all of its contents to fit on any kind of screen and device, responsive designs ensure the best user experiment for the public.Significant Growths in Mobile Usage

    Since the dawn of the smartphone in the last decade, mobile web usage has been growing at an exponential rate and brings with it many opportunities. A website that in today’s market is not optimized for mobile device usage is not only decreasing its potential revenue gain but also shows a level of incompetence that can have serious impacts on a brand’s reputation. Global BPO Services website developers are capable of creating responsive designs that are optimized for all kinds of screen sizes and devices which ensure the best user experience possible.

    Time and Cost Efficient

    Responsive designs allow developers to optimize the website for all kinds of devices with the implementation of a single design. This helps significantly in reducing both time and costs for development. If a responsive design approach is not taken, companies can potentially spend both extra time and money to create websites for different platforms that overall has a negative impact on their business.

    Best for SEO Rankings

    Responsive website designs are one of the main contributing factors to good SEO rankings and better user experiences. A website can easily benefit from Google’s ‘Mobile First Index’ by implementing professionally tailored responsive designs and can also help your business’ initiative. Global BPO Services provides you with specifically optimized responsive website designs for all screen sizes that makes it easier for Search Engines to understand, locate and display your content.


  • Website DesignFor the past 11 years Global BPO Services has been committed to providing industry trend setting, customized and professional website designs. Our webpages are designed and developed with in depth strategic insights into our clients business in order to ensure that they are tailored exactly to complement that business’ needs. Professionally designed websites result in increased brand recognition, higher conversion rates and measurable results and by providing an enhanced user experience; they lead to increase in user satisfaction and loyalty.Website Design ProcessOur teams of professional website developers at Global BPO Services take a proactive approach when developing websites. This allows them to apply their craft to the development in ways that ensure a custom, unique and perfectly tailored website that complements the client’s business to be created.Discovery and Strategy PhaseThe first and foremost step that should always be implemented regardless of the project type is the information gathering phase. This holds true to website development and taking a proactive approach, Global BPO Services teams of web strategist, account manages, designers and technical managers enquire and acquire all kinds of information through interviews with client stakeholders regarding their value differentiations, completive landscape analysis and clear project goals. This allows out teams to develop strong and reliable documented project timelines, plans and a robust web strategy that assists significantly through the rest of the development.UX Planning and Architecture of Infrastructure

    The main focus of the discovery stage is to evaluate and identify target audience, value differentiations and strategicbusiness goals through in depth analysis. Once these have been established, it is time to move the project into the next phase known as User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) phase. In this step of the development the website’s general layout, features, functionalities, path flow of users and overall specifications are documented and ‘Wireframe’, which is also known as a page ‘Blueprint’ for it shows a skeletal version of the website which helps with the arrangements of elements.

    Website Designer Created Creative Mockups

    Once a detailed Wireframe of the websites has been created during the UX & IA phase, website designers let loose their creativity and begin applying designs and colors to that wireframe. Global BPO Services industry leading website designers come up with unique and creative ideas on the overall look of the website and additionally provide our clients with storyboards of the designs that help outline the fronts and colors being used across the entire webpage.

    Back-End Development Responsive Web Design

    Responsive website designs for websites in today’s are no longer a mere option but have become a necessity. There are thousands of devices operating in the world today, and each of them have different specifications and screen sizes. These devices include all kinds of mobile and tablets. A website with a responsive design implemented within it is the one that is able to automatically resize and reallocate its website elements to fit any kind of screen size. Global BPO Services’ team of professionalsaccomplish all of their coding in HTML5, adhering to the best practices of the industry and a Content Management System (CMS) is also custom developed to provide our clients with the functionality to update their website in real-time.

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    Over at Global BPO Services, our dedicated Quality Assurance teams work simultaneously with our website developers and designers. Their constant and consistent input regarding aspects of the design and critical views and reviews of specific development aspects ensures that a perfectly tailored and high quality responsive website is created for our client. This team goes through extensive and accurate testing over multiple devices to ascertain that the website is perfectly optimized and responsive over all kinds of devices and screen size. Along with also adding security measures the website is also robustly tested for SEO performances.

    Launch, Analysis and Optimization of Website

    After the extensive QA testing done to cover all the facets of the website, a system administrator is tasked with taking the site live and further tests are performed once it’s up and running to ensure everything is running at optimal efficiency. During this initial launch phase, a dedicated team also is set in place to monitor user behavior and interest and provide suggestions on how the website can be improved to increase conversions rates, time spent on website and repeat visits.

    Using Website to Increase Engagement

    A website is a very important aspect of your business for the internet provides a platform to your company from which audiences around the world can be engaged. Global BPO Services for the past decade has been providing intuitive and responsive website designs that are developed with enhancing user experiences in mind.


    The type of content that you provide on your website can either make or break your website traffic. Unique content is one of the leading contributing factors that make your webpage stand out from the rest. By providing content that is relevant to the market you are working in which is both easy to comprehend and interesting to dabble into you can increase user visits and potential customer conversions.

    Good content that is informative on a website that provides exception user experiences have a significant impact on SEO ranking which makes your business much easier to find for potential customers looking for the services you provide. Through higher traffic, Search Engines are more likely to trust your content and display it more prominently. Global BPO Services’ expert teams through in depth analysis and studies of market trends and user requirements are capable of creating content for SEO and online media relations that can solidify your online presence.

    Rich Media

    An image is worth a thousand words and this holds incredibly true when it comes to online content. In order to appear more appealing to the customer who is more likely to ignore large chunks of text, a carefully designed image with the message you are trying to convey can greatly enhance your website’s presentation.

    Most people are not keen or interested in reading large texts to know what your business is about, which is why it is one of the best practices to use, images, videos and infographics to tell users what you are about. These provide users with concise information about your business in formats that are easy to share over social media which leads to greater brand awareness. Global BPO Services incorporates design professionals in its ranks that can help you create a refreshing new look for your brand’s online presence.


    One of the best ways to reach a wider audience and create discussions regarding your brand is through blogs. By creating content covering all facets of the industry you are currently working in and providing users with wide ranges of information, you can help your company be unique though leaders in your field.

    Blogging helps you drive more traffic towards your website. When one individual shares your blogs, those with peaked interests can trace that blog back to your website to find more information regarding your brand. Global BPO Services has some of the best writers in the industry with years of experience that can help you create, write and manage a blog that perfectly complements your business and knowledge of the industry that is also appealing to the general audience.

    Social Media Integration

    In today’s world audience interaction with brands is more than it has ever been in the history of commerce, and one of the leading reasons for this is Social Media.

    By incorporating social media aspects within a website’s design and providing functionality especially with blog content, great opportunities can be taken benefit of. These include opportunities to help build your brand name and overall public image. This also allows casual users to get in touch with your company who can potentially be converted into customers. Global BPO Services’ dedicated marketing team has the capabilities to incorporate social media practices into your business that not only helps it grow but also helps create a more interactive environment surrounding your website.

    Effective Design

    By incorporating a unique and expertly designed website that is not only optimized but also highly responsive enough to adapt to any kind of device, your brand’s core essence can be conveyed to wide ranges of audience while standing out from the rest of the competition. A website needs to have all the necessary information in coherent and comprehendible formats and working as to ensure a completely hassle free experience for your users and potential customers.

    This information includes details about products that you are selling or the services you are providing along with through instructions that guide customers through the purchase process.

    We at Global BPO Services we take the extra effort to get to know, in a professional sense, the people behind your brand in order to better our understanding and improve your digital efforts. This allows us to promote your brands values to online audiences through professionally crafted designs that provide some of the best user experiences and which makes consistent repeat visits possible.

    Quality Assurance and Usability

    Behind all the innovative designs and complex coding, functionality of a website is the core aspect. You can have the most professionally designed website but if it does not function correctly, it will remain incompetent and ignored by users.

    Users demand and require a consistent and expertly designed functionality of a website. If they are confused or frustrated by poor design choices regarding the websites layout or its inability to perform its functions correctly, they will instantly leave to another page where their requirements can be easily met.  This is why it is essential to either take web development extremely seriously or in case you lack the expertise to get in touch with a professional. Global BPO Services understands that in today’s world an online presence is just as important as a physical one which is why our professionals are trained to create exception user friendly designs and functionalities for your website and provide services to instantly make edits and changes according to given requirements.

    This allows our clients to gain access to a perfectly designed and optimized website that provides effortless and engaging experience for their audiences.