Software Development Services

In the world of custom software development, every project comes with its own set of unique challenges based on their requirements. With over a decade of experience, Global BPO Services make every effort to provide you custom software development services that will help you to remain in step with your competition. Software Solutions includes Web applications, mobile applications, and Desktop applications.

Global BPO Services is capable of handling any type of requirement, technology and size of projects regardless of their obscurity and complexities.

Based on project or staff augmentation basis, Global BPO Services offers a wide range of software development services to its clients. Further information regarding our cost-effective, onshore outsourcing services can be found on here which can help you identify the services that suit your project best. In case you are unable to make up your mind, you can get in touch with our sales staff composed of industry leading senior software engineers who can guide and assist you in understanding and making an informed decision.

Cloud and Web Solutions
For the past decade Global BPO Services has been adamant in helping business acquire the power and the benefits brought by online services. As one of the leading pioneers in the field of web solutions, we are committed to adapting new technologies and to evolve with the times by refining our skills and making use of the latest tools and technologies to provide secure, and scalable solutions to all kinds of concerns that business have regarding web applications and services.Global BPO Services and its team of professional developers are capable of meeting even the most obscure requirements of a client regardless of what stage their project is in at the moment. We have the experience and flexibility to provide management to your project through dedicated analysis phases to the testing ones which allows us to provide solutions that are custom crafted to meet all your needs.

Original-Custom Web Application Development
By collaborating closely with our clients team to acquire clear scope, requirements and project plans to meet the necessary requirements, Global BPO Services is capable of creating unique and custom web applications for our clients.  Our teams of industry leading professionals are not only able to develop applications but can also help in their design, coding, implementation along with all kinds of testing. By adhering to the best developing practices in the industry, we ensure you web application has a responsive design that is secure and efficient and can also assist you in the long term to provide constant support for your applications.

Enhancement of Existing Applications
As technologies, business processes and interfaces are constantly evolving and incorporating new aspects in to them, it is essential that existing web applications be updated as to remain relevant in the industry. Global BPO Services is capable of upgrading and improving your current web applications regardless if we were its original developers. Our teams are capable of handling even the most complex types of redevelopment and reprogramming of existing applications.

Rehabilitation and Support for Project
Due to the sheer complexities that are involved in the development of web applications, it is quite common for a project to fail to live up to standards or expectation. This can lead to unexpected costs that include maintenance one. Global BPO Services’ developers are adeptly trained to help convert your failed application into a useful tool for your business that can remain relevant for a long time through our maintained support in the long term.

Cloud Migration
Global BPO Services can assist in migrating your web application and service to any cloud hosting services including the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Migration is quite a useful aspect as it can lead to a positive reduce in not only your overall infrastructure but also over costs while at the same time is essential in improving flexibility and security.

Mobile Application Development

Global BPO Services has over a decade of experience in creating ready for production responsive web-based applications for mobile platforms namely Apple IOS, Android and Windows Mobile Devices. We are capable of creating native applications or hybrids as per the requirements of our clients. Our development strengths include robust engineering and intuitive interfaces making us the best choice for all your mobile solutions.

Full Range Mobile Development

Global BPO Services’ mobile application development strategies include design, development, implementation and support services to meet the requirements of our clients. Through in depth collaboration on key aspects such as the functional requirements and necessary infrastructures of the application with your team, we provide you with efficient solutions. We are also capable of following direct instructions in the case our client already has the entire plan in place and only require the services of an expert application developer that has experience in programming and testing.

Global BPO Services specializes also in developing mobile solutions that are designed to allow integration and communication with other devices. With over a decade of experience to lean on, we develop mobile solutions that are capable of integrating and connecting to custom and existing hardware to become part of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Regardless of what stage your project is in at the moment, be it design or development, back end integration or any other, we can help you achieve your desired results in cost effective and efficient ways.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

One of the best qualities found at Global BPO Services is our team’s intuitive natures, as they are capable of identifying and rectifying potential problems early in the development cycle of software through the use of software testers. This leads not only to shorten development times but also a significant reduction in costs. We have some of the best quality assurance professionals among our ranks who take pride in their work and take an active role in the development cycle and provide in depth verifications and testing on everything that we provide to our clients.

Testing is Important

Through collaboration within our quality assurance teams and developers, from the get go a robust testing strategy is implemented on every project. This includes any forms of combined or individual automated and manual testing. Applying these in parallel to the development can lower the overall time required. It is a matter of fact that due to the sheer complexity of modern software testing each and every aspect of it is highly improbable. By creating a perfect balance between core feature testing and edge cases, we are able to bring out optimal results.

Global BPO Services provide reliable applications, reduced costs and decreased rework cycles thanks to our experience staff and industry leading software testing processes and tools. Our developers are ready to help you with project based work or collaborative rolls with your own team and as per your requirements.

Software Development Staff Augmentation

Whereas many organizations especially those that lack in house talent and expertise, are content with hiring the services of a third party company to handle all of their software development needs, there are those that who seek to augment their own talent in a collaborative effort with that of another company. These companies acquire the help of experts who are capable of working under their collaborative direction and guidance and provide services according to their unique needs. Global BPO Services’ teams are always at the ready to work in a joint capacity with your own teams to increase the velocity of the project. Not only do we have a staff of highly trained and industry leading professionals ready to take on any development requirements, we are also able to readily provide additions to staff as per your requirement.

Advantages of Augmentation

Global BPO Services is always ready to provide its services to meet all your software development needs. For collaborative efforts we provide you with our staff who expertly integrate and augment themselves into your project and follow your instructions and directions to meet any sort of requirement.

Utilize Existing Resources

By allowing staff augmentation Global BPO Services allows companies to add specialized skills to their teams which allow greater advantage to be taken from both internal and external resources that are dedicated to the completion of a software development project.


One of the benefits of augmentation is that by directly overseeing the entire development including utilizing their own staff, processes and infrastructure along with using external resources, companies can maintain overall control of the project.


By hiring the services of experts and augmenting theirexpertise within your own team, you can gain access to skills that are well suited to handle even the most complex of tasks that come up during software development.

Meet Project Timelines

Projects that come with compressed and stressed project deadlines often require a sudden increase in resources. These only pay off if the added resources are worthwhile which is why augmentation is the best option for through this, companies can quickly gain access to teams of experts to complete their project and meet deadlines.


Staff augmentation allows companies facing evolving staff needs and sensitive budget to address those concerns for augmentation allows easy addition and subtraction of resources to meet any requirements.

Global BPO Services’ staffs of industry leading and highly skilled, lower cost software developers and quality assurance agents are capable of meeting all of your staffing and development demands. For further information get in touch with one of our highly experienced software developers who can assist and guide you to fulfill your technical and staffing needs along with providing you with a resource plan tailored to your requirements.

Windows Desktop Application Development

Global BPO Services for over a decade has been developing native Windows desktop applications. We make it a habit to develop applications that are designed to be efficiently functional with intuitive user interfaces. Our highly trained team of professional software developers with decades of experience to rely on this field can help you tailor the most efficient approach to your project, whether it be updating legacy applications or creating entirely new ones.

According to Your Requirements

Regardless if you want to update your existing Windows desktop applications tweak them or create new ones from scratch Global BPO Services is capable of handling any requirements that you may have regarding your project. Our skills include:

  • Using C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and XAML to develop new applications.
  • Industrial applications with capabilities to integrate into custom and commercial hardware.
  • Global BPO Services is capable of migrating applications that were developed using older technologies such as Microsoft Access and Visual Basic into newer ones. Our software developers can work through the old code to develop a proficient application even if the previous one was ineffectively documented.
  • Our software engineers can update existing applications to integrated them into and make adequate use of cloud hosted services and data stores.