Handling of large amounts of data is a fact of life when it comes to any growing firm be it a small or large company. Mishandling of data processing can have significant lasting negative effects on business practices, including customer dissatisfaction and downward spirals of revenues. Poor coordination of data entry can lead to an increase in overall costs and reduce in profit which is by far not a good thing for any business. This is why it is essential to hire a reputable and experience firm such as Global BPO Services to handle your data entry needs if outsourcing these tasks are required.

Global BPO Services makes use of state of the art and advance data capture and recognition technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to fulfill the requirements of our clientele. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Volume Data Entry (Handwritten & Printed)
  • PDF Conversion
  • Open Ended Research Coding
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Cleaning
  • Scanning
  • Bulk Bill Processing
  • Bulk Order Processing
  • Abstracting and Indexing
  • E-Book Publishing
  • Digitizing and Conversion of Catalogs
  • Extracting, Tabulation and Analysis of Data
  • Remote Verification
  • Data Entry for Food Nutrition Scale
  • Data Entry for Real Estate
  • Data Entry for Real Estate Appraisals
  • Internet Research
  • Email Mining
  • Custom Lists
  • HTML-XML-SGML coding with Document Type definition (DTD)

We are capable of converting data from any type of medium including documents, image files, databases both new and old, microfilms etc., into other types such as ASCII, COBOL, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, SGML, HTML, and XML to name a few. Global BPO Services provides accurate and professionally done outputs that are tailored to the needs of our client.

Global BPO Services takes its security measure seriously in order to ensure secure handling of our client’s data and information.

  • Confidentiality is essential to our Data Entry processes. This is why we maintain a highly centralized and controlled computing environment in in order to prevent any kind of breach in security.
  • Global BPO Services implements robust and advance Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for exchange of information and documents with our clients which ensures concrete security.
  • Scanned or converted files usually have leaves a digital copy that is stored on a storage device such as a hard disk or optical disc. Information can remain attached to template and index cards which includes details about authors, reference numbers, date created etc. The level of security that is assigned to these documents determines access to them. This security is assigned by an administrator that ensures complete security and confidentiality.

As one of the leading Data Entry services providers in the industry, Global BPO Services has more than 11 years of experience in the field to ensure quality and timely services to our clients.

  • Data is one of the most important aspects of any business which is why professional, efficient and accurate data entry is crucial to the stable workings of a company for transactions, decision making and customer support. Global BPO Services being one of the pioneers in the field is well aware of the monumental importance of providing not only high quality services to our clients, but also services that are cost effective.
  • Data Entry can be a grueling process, especially for those that either lack the necessary experience in the field or do not have extra resources to spare in order to get the job done in-house through a professional team. Bad flow of data can be hazardous to a business’s proverbial health. By have us at Global BPO Services handle data entry needs, your company can cut down on costs and concerns regarding hardware/software installations for new data entry systems, maintenance of those systems and HR recruitment and training costs.
  • We at Global BPO Services implement the best software, the most professional data entry operators and proof-readers along with extensive quality check which makes us one of the most reliable data entry services providers with an impeccable track record.
  • Our trained professionals are able to take on task of any magnitude and are capable of process jobs on a number of different software. These include those used for publishing and databases. Global BPO Services’ data enterers are experts when it comes to processing even the largest forms of information such as encyclopedias, academic journals and books.
  • One of the aspects that make us truly a leading force in the field of data entry is our keying capacity that reaches over 1 million keystrokes per day.
  • Our teams are not only experts on computers but are also adept at reading and understanding even the most difficult to comprehend handwritten documents and can enter them at nearly 100% accuracy.

We implement the latest technologies for our data entry needs in order to provide the best

One of the growing and emerging trends in the field of data entry services and companies throughout the world are making data conversion services a priority. Data conversion is the conversion of one form of computer data into another form. All kinds of data that can be found in machines, and data specifically found in computers is encoded in a number of different ways. It is highly recommended to have professionals take care of these tasks because of the intricacies involved in the processes. It takes experts to handle professional data conversions which is why Global BPO Services is one of the most reliable and reputable data conversion service providers in the industry.

As one of the pioneering forces in the field of data conversions, Global BPO Services has built a reputation for providing cost-effective and timely services without sacrificing quality.

Global BPO Services are expertly adept at providing data conversion services to meet the requirements of our clientele that include:

  • Organization of Data
  • Digitizing of Data and Documents
  • Prevention of Loss of Data through robust and reliable storing
  • Unnecessary Data Deletion
  • Reverse Engineering of Data
  • Use and Reuse of Data as required
  • Utilizing Data for business research purposes

Global BPO Services are expertly adept at providing file format conversion services to meet the requirements of our clientele that include:

  • PDF Conversions
  • Converting Documents into Digital Soft Copies
  • Word Formatting
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • XML Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • Book Conversion

Other areas of our expertise include:

  • Quark, Interleaf, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe PageMaker documents conversions to XML, SGML, HTML and OEB (Open E-Book) format documents.
  • FTP, CD and DVD media format Conversions
  • Data Vectorization
  • Data Harmonization
  • Microfiche Conversions which is the reproduction of document on microfilm
  • Image Format Conversions

Data conversion has some significant benefits that can prove advantageous to any business in both the long and short term. One of the main benefits converting data from one format to another includes easy storage in electronic formats.

  • One of the primary forms of data converting is its conversions from an unstructured format to an electronic one which is incredibly beneficial for it helps structure that particular data into a meaningful and coherent informational form.
  • Data conversions are instrumental in the preservation of information loss as it is used to collect and compile existing data from traditional and hard copy formats such as papers. This data is converted in to electronic formats that are easy to secure, store and backup.
  • Images can be stored into digital formats to be used when required in process of record keeping, recognition and identification of individuals through digital image conversions.
  • Data conversion is widely significant to the publishing industry for it can be used to convert PDF documents into Word documents and vice versa which is highly important for book creations and conversions.

Data conversion is an in depth process if it is wished to be done right and it can be both costly and time consuming for those that are not familiar with it. Quality, time and costs are the three main factors that must be considered when it comes to data conversion. Reasons to outsource data conversions to a third party service provider include but are not limited to:

  1. Cost Effectiveness:
    Those who provide this services are experts in the field and know the intricate details involved in the processes of data conversions which can prove to be highly cost effective as it ensures lower time spent on the task.
  2. Converting Documents to Digital Formats:
    Converting of data in to a digital formats is of monumental importance and has many advantages. Digital data is much easier to store, takes less space, requires less resources to manage, secure, backup and is instantly available whenever it is required.
  3. Saving Resources:
    As mentioned before, hiring an in-house team to handle data conversion can prove not only costly, time consuming but can also deviate a company from focusing on their core competencies. This is why it is best to have experts like Global BPO Services to handle data conversion processes.

Global BPO Services has 11 years of experience under its belt which makes us one of the leading data conversion services providers in the industry today. Some of the advantages of acquiring our services that you will gain include:

  • Years of experience that translate to expertise in the field of data conversion
  • Highly trained team of professionals capable of handling any requirements that our clients may have
  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Error Free Conversions
  • Risk Free with No Chance of Data Corruption or Loss

Global BPO Services has the necessary skills and expertise to meet nearly all forms of requirements that a client might have regarding data conversion. No matter the kind of task at hand, Global BPO Services’ expert professionals are capable of on the spot innovation to come up with ways to handle even the most obscure of tasks and delivering completely and successfully on it. Contact Global BPO Services today for further guidance and information regarding Data Conversion Services that we provide. 

Regardless of the size of a firm or business, data processing and systems dedicated to information are necessary. Strategic decisions depend vitally on data processing and data conversion. This is commonly understood by all companies including those that handle large amounts of raw data to those who handle small amounts. In-house data processing is a costly process however as the costs of hiring a dedicated team, overheads and infrastructure concerns can prove to be quite financially bothersome.

Global BPO Services for the past 11 years has been one of the most reputable firms to be providing data processing services, and has since the days of its inception become one of the pioneers in this field. Having been providing quality services to the industry for over a decade, we at Global BPO Services are capable of handling even the most obscure requirements of our clients in order to ensure quality and complete work to them.

Data processing involves assimilation of raw data, processing of electronic data, conversions and analysis of that data and then presenting all of that data in a coherent and understandable form. Though many companies claim to provide data processing, only the experts in the fields such as Global BPO Services know the true magnitude of these tasks.

Data processing is a long and complex task that needs to be handled carefully and professionally. There are a number of services that we provide to our clients:

  • Forms Processing
  • Survey Processing
  • Litigation Services
  • Credit Card Processing Services

The main benefit of outsourcing data processing services is the reduction in overall costs and time taken to accomplish these tasks. This allows companies to focus primarily on their core workings and processes.

  • Handling of large volumes of data is not only quite costly but also quite time consuming. By outsourcing these tasks companies can reduce their burdens will cutting down on costs.
  • Companies that provide these services have access to state of the art technologies that are used to capture data from all kinds of mediums including hard copies such as papers, images and scanners.
  • Companies that handle data processing are experts at their work which means the chances of inconsistencies in data is greatly reduced.
  • Significant reductions in costs.
  • These services help companies to gather critical information regarding their business, customers, stakeholders and competitors through in depth statistical analysis.
  • Data and information is provided in a coherent and understandable form with ample details where they are required, which gives a company better understanding of their own processes and workings.
  • Unstructured content can be converted into spreadsheets and databases through extensive data extraction.

Global BPO Services has been one of the leading providers of high end data processing for over a decade now. We can help you organize, streamline and effectively utilize all of your data and information. With over 9000 customers in over 45 countries, Global BPO Services is committed to quality and efficiency.

  • With a competent staff and in house customized software to convert data efficiently from any type of format, Global BPO Services is capable of meeting any needs of the client.
  • Global BPO Services has state of the art scanning technologies at our disposal that are used to digitize data from formats that are in print form such as images and text documents. Once data has been collected, it is manually edited, checked and proof read by our team of professionals and further reviews are done to make it 100% error free.
  • Due to the sheer expertise and professionalism of our staff, they capable of handling even the most complex publishing tasks such as those found in Mathematics and Science books. Our team is composed of industry leading editors, researchers and proof readers.
  • Global BPO Services provides data processing services that are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutes, libraries and nearly all other kinds of businesses.

Having great confidence in our abilities and skills, Global BPO Services offers our potential customers the Pilot Program in which you can outsource a small amount of data processing work to us to get a firsthand experience of our competencies and realize we deliver all we say. Contact Global BPO Services today for further guidance and information regarding Data Processing Services that we provide.