Global BPO Services are committed to providing immediate identification, action and solutions for any sort of problem situation by the implementation of professional and comprehensive CCTV Monitoring Systems. Our professionally trained teams provide state of the art and round the clock surveillance of your project sites and location similarly to a trained personnel on site albeit in a much more cost-effective method.

The golden rule that we at Global BPO Services abide by is,it is easy to avoid a problem than to remedy it later. Our professionally adept teams are trained from the get go to identify signs beforehand that may lead to potential lapses in security measures and to quickly  take action to prevent them before they happen. It is our commitment to our clients to immediately inform them of any incidents that may result in breach of security. Our teams are also trained to handle immediate threats and to issue warnings to potential intruders and problem individuals in real time along with instant reaching out to authorities so that an unfortunate event can be avoided.

Global BPO Services provides security measures that are specifically suited to the client’s needs. This includes round the clock 24/7 video surveillance that are complimented by the best and latest technology available at the present. We take not no chances where the security of our clients and their interests are concerned.

  • High Quality surveillance recordings are backed up and safely stored. These are available if necessary in legal proceedings be they contractual, civil and/or criminal).
  • Interlinking of surveillance system to others software systems, including Personnel Identification, Call Tree Applications, Crisis Management etc.
  • Full integration of CCTV Monitoring software with onsite access controls and perimeter alarm system including body-worn video cameras used by on-site inspection teams and workers.
  • For optimal surveillance, network bandwidth utilization and cost efficiency, Centralized and Decentralized Global BPO Services makes full is of IP Camera technology.

CCTV Surveillance has become a necessary part of commerce and everyday life around the world. This is one of the best methods to remain safe and one step ahead of any potential hazards that may bring harm to a person and his or her interest.

Main benefits of CCTV Monitoring include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring of Construction Sites and unfinished architectural projects that may have valuable supplies prone to be damaged or stolen by unauthorized personnel. Monitoring and preventing unauthorized entry into said projects and locales.
  • Industrial use, especially where human direct interaction is not possible such as high temperature furnaces and near hazardous materials.
  • Monitoring of public areas that are prone to theft, vandalism, aggression and terrorism.
  • Monitoring of workers, worker safety and helpful in situations that are beyond human control such as weather conditions and night time workings.

Global BPO Services commits to regular testing and QA of all their CCTV Monitoring Services in order to ensure the best services is provided to our clients.  Along with implementing state of the art data storage, we provide extensive testing and checks of:

  • Light Conditions
  • Camera Operations
  • Remoter Control Capabilities for Panning and Zooming
  • Audio Levels
  • Network Signaling Strength and Volumetric
  • Motion and Other Detection Devices.

We at Global BPO Services provide our clientele with the ability to retrieve information and status reports at any given time according to their own requirements. By getting in touch with us through Phone, Email or over the Internet, our clients can get detailed and assuring information regarding the status of the security of their site and interests. We make sure to fully commit to our agreement with our clients.

What separate Global BPO Services from the rest are our cost effective solutions to CCTV Monitoring that we provide which are specifically tailored as per the requirements of our clients. Contact Global BPO Services today for further guidance and information regarding safety and security through use of CCTV Monitoring Services.